The Pros And Cons Of Swapping Out Standard Outlets With USB Combo Outlets Yourself

Many of the smaller electric items that we use each day are charged with a USB cord. This includes items like your phone, smart watch, tablet, and digital camera. However, in order to charge these items using your standard outlet, you need an adapter. These can bulky and cost extra money. You plug the adapter into the wall and then plug your USB cord into the adapter. But, to simply things, USB combo outlets have become more popular.

Installing Electrical Conduit

Access to electricity within the home is something that many modern homeowners take for granted. Unless wiring is protected from external elements, it cannot retain its structural integrity and perform properly. To ensure that your home is never without electricity due to wire degradation, it can be beneficial to install conduit to protect your electrical wires from damage. Here are three tips that you can use to protect your electrical system by installing conduit in the future.

Ways to Save Energy in Your Basement

Your basement very likely has a big potential for heat loss. The walls may be in more or less direct contact with the ground, making it possible for heat to be thermally transferred out of the basement, and there are often little gaps and cracks that cold air may easily come in through. On top of that, many people have their furnace located in the basement, so any inefficiencies there fall under this category as well.

Best Practices For Electric Baseboard Heater Safety

According to statistics gathered by the National Fire Protection Association between 2009 and 2013, fires caused by heating equipment account for 16 percent of all reported house fires during that period. House fires are easily avoidable but only if the proper precautions are taken to prevent those fires from happening. Close attention should be paid to your electric baseboard heater. A popular alternative to traditional electric and natural gas-powered furnaces, these devices can easily become fire hazards if they're not used or cared for properly.

Second Shift Workers: Light Up The Night With Electrical Service Upgrades

Working second shift on a consistent basis can take some adjusting, and one of the biggest adjustment is to the time you arrive home. When getting out of work anywhere from midnight to 2 AM, you will likely find yourself in the pitch black, as opposed to arriving home while there's still daylight. As you go through home routines and relax before getting some sleep, you most likely want to have plenty of illumination in your home.