5 Essential Tools You Need When Working On Your Home's Electrical Wiring

If you have decided to work on your own home's electrical wiring, you may wonder if there is anything you need to get started. If so, the following five essential tools can get you started when working on small home electrical projects. 4-in-1 Wire Tool While working on your home's wiring, you will constantly be cutting, crimping, and stripping wires. While you could buy separate tools to complete these tasks, a 4-in-1 wire tool is more convenient and less expensive.

Best Practices For Electric Baseboard Heater Safety

According to statistics gathered by the National Fire Protection Association between 2009 and 2013, fires caused by heating equipment account for 16 percent of all reported house fires during that period. House fires are easily avoidable but only if the proper precautions are taken to prevent those fires from happening. Close attention should be paid to your electric baseboard heater. A popular alternative to traditional electric and natural gas-powered furnaces, these devices can easily become fire hazards if they're not used or cared for properly.

Second Shift Workers: Light Up The Night With Electrical Service Upgrades

Working second shift on a consistent basis can take some adjusting, and one of the biggest adjustment is to the time you arrive home. When getting out of work anywhere from midnight to 2 AM, you will likely find yourself in the pitch black, as opposed to arriving home while there's still daylight. As you go through home routines and relax before getting some sleep, you most likely want to have plenty of illumination in your home.

Would You Benefit From Purchasing A Backup Generator?

A backup generator is a serious investment, but not one that is out of reach for the average homeowner. The real question is, is it worth your hard-earned money or not? There are a few reasons to purchase one. Consider whether or not you fit into one of these categories if you are thinking about purchasing a generator. The Power In Your Area Isn't Reliable More and more of daily life requires electricity, so when the power goes out, many items in your home will stop working.

What To Expect From A Residential Electrical Safety Inspection

As part of a service plan, your electrician or electrical service company may offer residential electrical safety inspections. An electrical safety inspection is important if you're purchasing a new house, have made major renovations or if you live in an older home that was built several decades ago. Because there are many components that make up your home's electrical system, your safety inspection will include several key aspects. If you've never had this service performed before, or if you are unfamiliar of what it involves, the following is a short list of what to expect from this service: