Useful Precautions When Installing School Sports Lighting

Sports fields around schools need to have appropriate lighting because, otherwise, it would be nearly impossible to play sports at night. If you've just invested money into new sports field lights and want their installation giving you no trouble, take these precautions. 

Assess Brightness Levels Pre-Installation

Even if you've already selected a set of sports field lights, assessing their brightness levels prior to installation is a smart tactic. That's because you would be very stressed to find out the brightness isn't enough or is too much after the lights have already been erected.

Put the lights through trial tests at night, so you can see just how bright the school sports lighting is. If you find issues with your selection, send them back and choose a better option. It's a hassle to have these large lighting systems sent back, but you want to do this to ensure brightness quality is perfect.

Work With Electricians

Even if the makeup of your school sports lighting is pretty basic, you don't want to carry out their installation alone. Electricity will become a major factor and potentially a dangerous one if you do. The smartest step is working with electricians when setting up school sports lighting.

They can ensure you have the proper infrastructure to support these lights. If you don't, they can get it adjusted so that your school sports lights are supported correctly. Finally, electricians will make sure this special type of lighting is set up according to your area's electricity codes. 

Consult With a Professional for Optimal Placement

School sports lighting can brighten up an entire field or stadium, but in order to reap these rewards, you need to nail down where they're set up. Even if you're off by a couple of inches, that can seriously impact how the sports field looks at night and if athletes are able to see when playing on it.

You don't want to leave location placement up to chance, so hire a professional consultant to help you assess this aspect. They probably already have locations mapped out based on successful installs they've been a part of. You then won't have to go through a long testing period. 

Any school field or stadium must have lights to support athletics in the dark. As long as you have an in-depth plan for how this install will go, your school sports lights will become great investments and make night games all the better. 

Talk to an electrician to learn more about school lighting installation.