3 Signs Your Business Needs Commercial Electrical Repair

When business is booming, you need to have a facility that is up to the challenge. Unfortunately, damaged electrical outlets, outdated wiring, and problems with electrical panels can pose fire hazards, as well as slow down your operation. Here are three signs your business needs commercial electrical repair.  

1.    Outlets Are Unpredictable Do you ever plug in an appliance or computerized device, only to find that the outlet doesn't seem to be functional? If your outlets may be wired improperly or may not be receiving power, it is essential to contact an electrician who can check things out. In addition to carefully inspecting the wiring, electricians can also switch out plugs, bring outlets more forward, and focus on completely retrofitting the space.

Professionals can also add more plugs, making it easier for you to complete normal daily business operations. The outlets in your business should be fully functional, and when they are installed in areas that could be exposed to water, they should be GFCI outlets, which are designed to trip when too much power starts flowing.  

2.    You Hear Strange Noises If you ever hear buzzing, popping, or electrical noises, the problem could stem from your company's electrical panel. Older units that are overloaded may buzz or make other strange noises, which could indicate a problem with the amount of power moving out of the panel. Pay attention to any noise you hear in your business, and notify a professional electrician at the first sign of trouble.  

3.    Wiring Looks Strange If the exposed wiring in your company's crawlspace, attic, or closet areas looks different than other wiring you have seen, it may be outdated and in need of being replaced. For instance, older wiring may be wrapped with fabric, or it may be wrapped around small porcelain knobs periodically.   If you need to know more about the status of your wiring, snap a few pictures of the wiring you can see and show it to a professional electrician.  

Whether you can tell that your entire business needs to be rewired or you are simply concerned about adding a few new outlets, let a team of experienced professionals take care of your electrical needs. Talk with them about what you want out of the space and whether or not you have any plans to make adjustments in the future. For instance, if you will be adding heavy-electrical use areas like equipment bays or kitchens in the future, make sure they know about it.