Home Renovations And HVAC Upgrades: 3 Benefits Of Using High-Velocity HVAC For Remodeling

Whether you are doing renovations or just need an HVAC system in a home that has never had it, high-velocity systems provide many benefits. They are efficient and work well in existing buildings where it is difficult to install new ductwork. With a compact duct system, there are many benefits without sacrificing comfort of a forced-air HVAC system. Some of the main benefits of using high-velocity duct HVAC include:

Perfect for Limited Space and Home Renovations

One of the biggest benefits of a high-velocity HVAC system is the space-saving design. The ducts are small tubes that can fit in most wall cavities and other tight spaces. Some of the projects that these compact ducts are useful for include:

  • Home designs with limited space for ductwork
  • Renovations to existing homes
  • Adding HVAC to historic renovations

High-velocity HVAC systems are a practical solution for any space that is too small for conventional ductwork. The compact design reduces the need for remodeling and making boxes to house ducts, which often take up valuable space.

Uniform Comfort with An Efficient HVAC Solution

The comfort of HVAC is more efficient with a high-velocity HVAC system. The high-velocity HVAC systems heat and cool rooms faster than conventional ductwork, which also lead to energy savings. Some of the ways high-velocity HVAC makes homes more comfortable include:

  • Faster cooling
  • Uniform Climate Control
  • Less Humidity

With a compact duct system, the temperature of rooms is uniform and you have less pockets of air. In addition, the high-velocity design also does a better job at removing humidity, which translates to faster cooling.

Quieter Systems That Remove Humidity Efficiently

The high-velocity systems are also a lot quieter than conventional HVAC systems. This is since they move a smaller volume of air through the compact ducts. It also helps the system to be more efficient at removing humidity, which translates to a cooler feeling when the AC is on. Since the system comes on less, it also means that you hear the operation less. For even quieter operation, the unit can be installed in a location that is furthest away from main living space in your home.  Consider locating the system in areas away from entertainment centers in living rooms or home theaters to ensure the sound does not affect these spaces.

If you need to add an HVAC system to your home, high-velocity duct designs give you many advantages over conventional systems. Contact an HVAC contractor, such as Plisko Service Solutions, and talk with them about installing a high-velocity AC for your home.