Three Signs That Something Is Very Wrong With Your Electrical Outlet

An electrical outlet is probably not one of your favorite things to think about. But with such an electricity-based society, electrical outlets are pretty much your connection to life, so keeping them in good shape is most likely a good idea. With that in mind, you should occasionally check the outlets in your home or business to make sure they're still functioning normally. If you notice one of these three symptoms, then your outlet is not functioning normally and needs to be looked at by an electrician.

1. Loosening and dropping plugs

As an outlet wears out over time, the tight hold that it has on your electrical plugs tends to lessen and loosen. This is why old outlets are often quite wiggly and sometimes drop the plug out altogether. Not only is this inconvenient, but it can also be dangerous. If the outlet is loose enough that the plug is hanging halfway out, it could be easy for someone to touch the metal prongs accidentally and become electrocuted, or for something flammable to touch the metal and start a fire. So when you notice the plugs loosening, it's time to get newer, more tightly controlled outlets.

2. Giving off strange appearance, smells, or sounds

An outlet that appears burned definitely needs to be looked at. The same goes for an outlet that smells funny, especially if it smells like burnt plastic or smoke or electricity or fire or something like that. And if the outlet is making a humming sound, that's never a good sign. In any of these cases, you should avoid touching the outlet. Don't put anything in and don't pull any plugs out. If you're worried that the plug in the outlet is going to catch fire or something, simply switch off the circuit from your circuit breaker box and call your electrician. Do not touch the affected outlet, because a failure inside the outlet could make it dangerous.

3. An outlet that's gone dead

If the outlet is dead and appliances you plug into it won't turn on, despite working fine with some other outlet in a different room, the outlet could simply have gone dead. Perhaps this is due to a wiring failure inside the wall or some other issue. After checking to make sure it's not just us situation of having a tripped circuit breaker, be sure to call your electrician about that outlet. Wiring problems inside your walls can cause short-circuits and fires, so you should not take a dead outlet lightly.

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