The Pros And Cons Of Swapping Out Standard Outlets With USB Combo Outlets Yourself

Many of the smaller electric items that we use each day are charged with a USB cord. This includes items like your phone, smart watch, tablet, and digital camera. However, in order to charge these items using your standard outlet, you need an adapter. These can bulky and cost extra money. You plug the adapter into the wall and then plug your USB cord into the adapter. But, to simply things, USB combo outlets have become more popular. These outlets typically have one standard plug and one or two USB ports. If you are considering taking out a couple of your standard outlets and installing these, you may find yourself wondering if you can do it yourself or if you should hire an electrician, like Chadwick Electric Services. Here are the pros and cons of swapping out the standard outlets with USB combo outlets yourself.

Pros of Making the Swap Yourself

  • Saves Money

The biggest advantage to swapping out standard outlets with USB combo outlets yourself is that it saves money. Hiring an electrician is an added expenses. If you are comfortable working with electrical wiring and can follow do-it-yourself instructions, you may be able to do this task yourself.

  • It's a Relatively Fast Process

The other advantage to swapping out the outlet yourself is that it is relatively fast. If your home is properly set up for these outlets, and you can follow directions, you should be able to install the outlet in under 30 minutes. Finding the right electrician, setting an appointment, taking time off work, and waiting for an electrician takes more time than this.

Cons of Making the Swap Yourself

  • Your Junction Box May Not Fit a USB Combo Outlet

One of the biggest downsides to trying to make the swap yourself is discovering your junction box does not fit the USB combo outlet. If you live in an older home, your junction box for standard outlets may be half the size needed for a USB combo outlet. And until you remove your existing outlet plate and fit the combo outlet in there, you won't know this. Replacing an outlet is fairly easy; however, replacing a junction box is not. If you discover this, you may not be able to do it yourself.

  • One Mistake Can Be Costly

The other disadvantage to swapping out outlets with a USB combo outlet yourself is that one mistake can be costly. If you attach the wrong wires to the combo outlet, you can fry the item you are trying to charge, short out the outlet, blow a fuse or worse, start an electrical fire. Because of the dangers involved with electrical work, it is highly recommended that you let an electrician help you with your electrical repairs and changes, no matter how simple or easy the process may seem.

If you do not feel comfortable doing electrical work yourself, or the cons of doing it yourself outweigh the pros, an electrician can help you make changes to your electrical outlets, including installing USB combo outlets.