Catching Up on Your To-Do List? Stay Safe With These Outdoor Power Tool Safety Tips

Summer is nearly here and you are probably busy making your list for the home improvement store as you gear up to tackle all those home repair chores on your to-do list. Since many of those chores are likely to be accomplished outdoors, it is critical to remember to stay safe while working, especially when using corded electrical tools, extension cords, and other electrical appliances outside. Before you get started with your first chore, take time to read the following safety tips to make sure that you stay safe while you work.

How To Bend PVC Conduit

If you are installing new cables, installing a PVC electrical conduit will make them safer. A PVC electrical conduit is commonly a gray pipe that hides wires running between two points. It is easier to bend than metal conduit, and it won't corrode. You don't need advanced skills to bend PVC conduit. Here are tips to bend PVC electrical conduit. Prepare to Work For this project, you need: work gloves tape measure spray bottle black marker heat gun hack saw metal conduit plastic conduit  PVC conduit bending tool See if you can put together the shape with parts, such as elbows, from a hardware store.

6 Reasons You Should Work With A Licensed Electrician

Working with a licensed electrician when you have a problem with your house may not be the first thing you consider. You may simply want the issue fixed quickly; you may not even care if the person you hire is unlicensed. Unfortunately, you may not realize that it is important for electricians to be licensed. These reasons may convince you of this. 1. If something goes wrong, you are not at fault with a licensed electrician.

The Pros And Cons Of Swapping Out Standard Outlets With USB Combo Outlets Yourself

Many of the smaller electric items that we use each day are charged with a USB cord. This includes items like your phone, smart watch, tablet, and digital camera. However, in order to charge these items using your standard outlet, you need an adapter. These can bulky and cost extra money. You plug the adapter into the wall and then plug your USB cord into the adapter. But, to simply things, USB combo outlets have become more popular.

Installing Electrical Conduit

Access to electricity within the home is something that many modern homeowners take for granted. Unless wiring is protected from external elements, it cannot retain its structural integrity and perform properly. To ensure that your home is never without electricity due to wire degradation, it can be beneficial to install conduit to protect your electrical wires from damage. Here are three tips that you can use to protect your electrical system by installing conduit in the future.